3 Compliance Factors Your European Business Should Consider

GDPR and the New Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)

  1. Create data mapping documents that outline exactly where all data is being transferred to outside countries.
  2. Identify your data transfer tool, likely the new SCC (there are a few other options, including binding corporate rules [BCRs]).
  3. Determine the effectiveness of laws/practices that apply to the data being transferred in the outside country.
  4. If there is an absence of GDPR-equivalent protection, determine appropriate technical and contractual measures to enhance the level of data protection.
  5. Carry out any formal procedural steps necessary for those measures to be effective in data transfers.
  6. Continuously monitor the level of protection given to the data transferred to the outside country and suspend transfer if protection becomes insufficient.

SOC 2 Continues to Gain Popularity

The Data and Data Governance Acts

Strengthening Your Business’s Compliance Program



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